White homing pigeon "Carrier pigeon"
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai

From 2001 you are the 4th and current president of the United States.
On the year of 2001 White House attacked on Afghanistan and therefore now it is as a occupied country. The warlord leaders got governmental seats and got supported by US and within these 18 years government of US are still supporting them.
On the year of 2001 George Walker Bush, former president of the United States of America said in one of his interviews with CNN News: ''US will save all people of Afghanistan and brings Democracy for them and every child of US paid 1 US Dollar each as a relief fund for the children of Afghanistan''.
Now after 18 years approximately two million children of Afghanistan are still begging, poor and helpless because all of these funds and aids through UN and all over the world have been stolen and embezzled by current government of Afghanistan which is full of warrior and warlord leaders. But unfortunately government of US are supporting these types of warrior and corrupted government.

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Published: 12/09/2019