Front to save crisis in Afghanistan
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai

Front to save crisis in Afghanistan
Parties and Members of Parties are following as:
1. Party of Progressive Afghanistan. Chief: Muhammad Asif Bakhtash.
2. National Party of Afghanistan. Chief: Abdul Aih Mahlik.
3. Party of National Peace of Afghanistan. Chief: Murtaza Kehwan.
4. Party of Freedom Loving People of Afghanistan. Chief: Muhammmad Zareef Naseri.
5. Party of Movement Freedom and Democracy of Afghanistan. Chief: Jawed Kohistani.
6. Party of Aim of People of Afghanistan. Chief: Serajuddin Zafary.
7. Party of Freedom Loving of Democrat. Chief: Abdul Sami Karghar.
8. Party of Afghan Nation. Chief: Muhammad Ameen Wakhman.
9. Party of Welfare People of Afghanistan. Chief: Miagul Waseeq.
10. Party of Unity of Afghanistan. Chief: Wasel Rahimi.
11. Party of National Native Country. Chief: Sherullah Jabarkhel.
12. Party of Graft of Native Country. Chief: Aishan Kamal.

Chief of Front: Muhammad Eshaq Atmar.
First Assistant of Chief: Mashooda Karokhi.
Second Assistant of Chief: Muhammad Zareef Naseri.
Second Assistant of Chief: Abdul Rashid Aryan.
Secretary: Sherullah Jabarkhel.
Speaker: Atequllah Amarkhel.

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Published: 08/12/2018