Political economy of Afghanistan become misdirect
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai

Political economy of Afghanistan become misdirect
Open policy of will ruin Afghanistan in future
On the year of 2001 USA have been attacked to Afghanistan as a super power of whole world then after that many countries entered in Afghanistan as a human right to get privilege.
On that time Zelmai Khalilzad (extraordinary diplomat of US) and some other diplomats of US lobbying upon Unit 1 matter ten of Basic Law of Afghanistan and they have been approved Loya Jerga and then it become the part of Basic Law of Afghanistan.
Thirty two years before Afghanistan had a mixed economical system like Sweden and Norway. But after the year of 2001 the system of open door policy have been selected and especially within these ten years billion dollars of fund for Afghanistan have been embezzled by some foreign and interior member of government of Afghanistan and now Afghanistan don’t has economical foundation and basis.
Because member of government of Afghanistan are partners of foreign and interior Mafia, and economic depression, apathy, economic determinism, economic domination, electoral maneuvers, gerrymandering, oppression, plutocracy, demagogy, cultural lag are present in government of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan is a land without the owner’s head (no man’s land) and Afghanistan doesn’t have exports too because it is only a market for Mafia and Afghanistan is in the Paw of Drugs Opium, Charas and Heroin.
All these negative points of situation and government of Afghanistan is the result of Open door policy.

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Published: 04/05/2019