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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Whether political parties will take role in future in Afg

Whether political parties will take role in future in Afghanistan
Once again political parties within these ten years upon unit two and matter 35 of Basic Law of Afghanistan have been starting their work and who invent this party have political experience. Certainly I am going to include the documents of three registered parties and these three parties made United with each other and make one party.
On the date of 26 February 2011 center commission approve the confirmation letter of the these three parties on the date of 5 March 2011 and now these three parties become united with each other and make one party in the name of Wahdat and they have wrote in their document with is following as:
Interior and foreign enemies of people of Afghanistan in whole history make cruelty to people of Afghanistan in different ways by using their pure heart and uneducated mind. And some people with the help of foreign countries made political aggression to Afghanistan and therefore million people of Afghanistan become refugee and left their country.
But unfortunately government cannot defense from people and from independence therefore leaders of these three following parties decided to be united because of Democracy, Peace, Economics and Progressive of Afghanistan:
1. National Party of Afghanistan
2. National Unity Party of Afghanistan.
3. National Unity Party of Instigation people of Afghanistan
Procedure of these three parties will going to be started on the Month of May 2011 and in this Party (United) will their work lawfully.
News statement of these three parities on the month of May 2010:
1. this party which is (United) made from three parties and in future this decision of united of the parties will struggle for people, independence, permanent peace in Afghanistan and this party decided to clean the government and make the government of Afghanistan powerful.
2. This Party will fight against political groups who prevented to bring peace in Afghanistan and for the defense of people of Afghanistan. This Party is enemy of those groups who killed innocent people, this party only fights with this type of groups but this party has separate plan for discussion also.
3. This Party will bring good government. And this party wanted to make an Afghanistan with united Nationalities inside Afghanistan because every nationality separately brings weakness in government of Afghanistan.
4. Present government of Afghanistan with the problem of religion, language, nationality and many parties make the Afghanistan scratch therefore this party for united of a pure government are struggling to make a government upon of wish of many people of Afghanistan.
5. This party is against of any type of coup d'état.
6. This Party will increase the economics.
7. This party will fight against the cultivators and smugglers of Opium and Charas who discredited the value of Afghanistan in front of whole international countries to disclose the faces of those who cultivate opium and Charas and who are partners of International Mafia and bring them to court as a criminal.
8. This Party for social judgment and for invent of economics are struggling, and fight against those who create fear in the hearts of people of Afghanistan. This Party will fight against enemies of Afghanistan until government become pure. This party will bring the situation of Vacancy and Education under the frame of law.
9. This Party for National benefit will take a friendship relation with all neighborhood and other countries with any type of their disturbance and interfering.
10. This Party has respect to United Nation and Organization of Human Rights and respect to the Religion of Islam.
11. This Party will think about Line of Durand peacefully.
12. This Party will start struggling to make a powerful country. Now these three parties will work as united form but later they will decide the about the name of Party on the month of May 2011.
This was the statement of This Party which is in above.
In the last as an Afghan Refugee Writer and as a citizen of Afghanistan I always include my opinion about Afghanistan and I think that this Party will work for security, peace and democracy of Afghanistan to bring Afghanistan in the shape which people want. And that shape and system will help people of Afghanistan to get them out from unfortunate and I am sure that everyone will support this party and now my opinions about this party are following as:
1. Whether people of Afghanistan after 32 years warrior of Afghanistan are ready to support a Political party once again?
2. Whether this party will going to give benefit to Afghanistan or they take benefit?
3. Can this party follow the western democracy in Afghanistan?
4. Whether this party will be united with parliament or not?
5. Can this party bring peace in this presence situation of Afghanistan?
6. Biggest problem is present which is in unit 3 and 4 of Basic Law of Afghanistan it means regime and system of Afghanistan are officially like US but 250 years have been passed away from democracy of US. But Afghanistan still becomes back warded and all competence goes belong to president only. In the last 100 years history of Afghanistan become like that presidents and kings of Afghanistan if they were kind or dictator but government accepted to people in the name of election that Prime Minister was also present. People have known about this system. There is another point which is Hamid Karzai announces after his journey that US proposal the permanent Military place for foreign soldiers in Afghanistan. This matter shows that Hamid Karzai has proposal of Loya Jerga and in that Loya Jerga he put the matter of permanent military place for foreign soldiers and maybe he wanted to be the permanent president of Afghanistan and this is the main problem for people of Afghanistan as well as for politicians and this three parties which is united.
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