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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
War in Afghanistan

War in Afghanistan
This war begins on the year of 1978 by the White House and Kremlin in Afghanistan.
Warrior leaders on the name of group of Mujahedeen got their trainings from Pakistan and Iran and entered on the year of 1992 in Afghanistan and ruined our homeland, our beautiful city Kabul.
Afterwards on the year of 1996 another group, so called Taliban entered in Afghanistan with the help of sharp American Policy. Therefore on the year of 2001 White House attacked on Afghanistan and certainly Afghanistan is a occupied country.
Warlord leaders once again got their seats in parliament and government of Afghanistan by the help of American policy. And that is the reason that still war continues in Afghanistan within these sixteen years.

Please have a look on the following statement from Russian Newspaper ''Gabrek''.

1. Atta Mohammad Noor have 3000 Taliban Warlord Group.
2. Mohammad Mohaqiq have 2540 Taliban Warlord Group.
3. Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, former Defence Minister of Afghanistan have 1850 Taliban Warlord Group.
4. Adib Fahim, son of the former Afghan Vice President Mohammad Fahim have 1200 Taliban Warlord.
5. Fazil Hadi Moslimyar, Senate Chairmen have 1500 Taliban Warlord.
6. Rauf Ibrahimi, Speaker of Parliament have 400 Taliban Warlord.
7. Ismail Khan have 2200 Taliban Warlord.
8. Amanullah Guzar have 2470 Taliban Warlord.

Perhaps White House and Kremlin will start Nuclear War in Afghanistan.
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