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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
US continue political diversity in Afghanistan!

US continue political diversity in Afghanistan!
Review of the past, ''Page of History''
US said Good bye to Afghanistan after the fall out of Russia and the cold war. In the result Afghanistan became the battle ground cities and villages got into fire. Thousands and millions of people left their homes. US announced through the world that ''US closed the chapter of Afghanistan in its politics'', the situation in Afghanistan has changed into worse by unknown hands from the outside and inside but the stream of refugees encouraged US to visit from the refugees camps in Pakistan which the picture above showed the truth. United Nation's plan failed and US and United Nation members Lakhter Ibrahemee and Binnswan left one by one and left the field into the flame of war and blood there were conflict and clashes of ideas and weapons over the matter of religious, sect, tribes languages and many more. 85% of capital and surrounding areas were under the control of Taliban and 15% of remaining areas were under the control of another government. Both governments got help and support from rich countries, US had from both sides counsellors in Afghanistan, the first Embassy in New York and another one in Washington. Afghan people raised their doubts against US. There was no single result of security and peace after the talk in Rawalpindi and Saudi Arabia.
Second part:
After the 11th September 2001 in the world trade centre and pentagon US again announced from screen of television through the world (that we left Afghanistan alone and the aftermath it became the net of Terrorist in the world).
US blamed for its mistake and with the help of United Nation and other countries attacked Afghanistan through the air. The war has started from the south which was with negative result but from the north it was successful that was a mixture of modern and olden system of war. It means from the air with planes and jets and on the ground with horses captured Kabul according to the speech of George Bush after that the streams of Taliban have just resolved into the ground without knowing where have they gone. Then after the Bonn's Conference the ready made transitional.
Interim Government came to Kabul after that the doors of the world have opened to the face of Afghanistan. Rich countries advertised their help and donations for Afghanistan which gave the donation for the individualization from all that montairs of help Afghanistan only got the projects of Kandahar, Kabul and Salang projects. Other budgets remained as on attractive and on the paper. The first Loya Jerga Organized in Kabul, now it is time for making the main constitution and election for president of Afghanistan according to Bonn's conference. But as we all know that this matter is delaying day by day. The process of disarming coming out without no result. No one is getting the benefit of Human Right Laws, people did not put the 1964 constitution in action. The cultivation of Opium Poppy prohibited. For this purpose countries donated a lot even though the United Nation reported that 90% of opium in world is produced in Afghanistan and also 17 new factories of opium have made in the North of Afghanistan, another plan has taken that farmers would pay by money if they do not grow opium. Not this plan succeeded even farmers encouraged to grow more because they get harvest of the poppy in a very short times. What about the further of Afghan refugees?
Thousands of Afghan people in Pakistan are knocking the doors of the United Nation to get a visa for going out with the name of different cases, orphans widows or many other cases in the side of security still some pockets of Taliban's are fighting with US soldiers, how will US think about Afghanistan?
What about the economy? Is there any projects about the natural mines of Afghanistan?
Only there is new currency but where are the last stores and money? Where is the money which was in the bank?
Now the hot point for Afghanistan politics is the passing of the gas pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan cause of this project we have lost our minister people get jobs in government and non government organization through the reference.
Why are we asking all these questions from the US?
Causes are that US announced they save people from the poverty and war. To make a democratic government. Help youth in education's Science and modern technology, till fulfilling of these promises US will not leave Afghanistan alone in the beginning US was very excited about the Afghanistan even they put a box for help of Afghan children that each US child should put one US Dollar for Afghan children or they threw down pockets of food for the people from the sky.
We will wait and see that what does US do for Afghanistan?
Certainly, after sixteen years US did not done any thing for Afghanistan except giving all governmental seats of Afghanistan to warlord leaders.
''The President, the Strongman, and the Next U.S. Headache in Afghanistan'', this statement has been
published by Mujib Mashal in New York Times on 15 January 2018. This article news discusses the current situation and problems of Afghanistan which becomes a big headache for US government. The main problem of this article is about the standoff between Atta Muhammad Noor, a man who has ruled a prosperous northern Afghan province more like a king than a governor for 13 years and the President Ashraf Ghani, which has dragged on for almost a month and it starts when Atta Muhammad Noor got the call: President Ashraf Ghani was firing him.
Over 15 years, Mr. Noor has developed a vast network of businesses and patronage centered on Balkh
and the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, long a center of trade and interaction with Central Asia. Those relationships have brought him and his allies wealth that affords them a lavish lifestyle, but also resources for a network of militia commanders across several provinces.
For months before his firing, an aloof Mr. Noor had mostly not bothered to show up at the governor’s office in Mazar. He attended to only the most serious of government business from one of his homes or guest houses, decorated with large chandeliers, golden faucets, and more than a dozen portraits of their owner.
But as soon as he was fired, he started showing up to the office every day. Behind multiple layers of security, Mr. Noor now meets hundreds of people daily, giving rousing speeches that are broadcast live on several national television channels. And he has repeatedly used the language of force.
A $27,000 Omega watch on his wrist, a garnet ring with a halo of about 20 small diamonds on his finger — Mr. Noor talked about corruption. He said the central government was rife with graft, as the two coalition leaders fattened their own allies.
Now the face of Atta Muhammad Noor is also clear for New York Times.
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