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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
The coffins of dead bodies of Afghanistan

The coffins of dead bodies of Afghanistan
On the date of 14 December 2012 some refugees of Afghanistan in Turkey did come through Greece by boat in sea and in way their boat broke and all of them fall in water and drowned in sea.
I did follow the statement of this news so I find out that two assitant had selected by Foreign Ministry that one of them was worker of Foreign Ministry and other of them is Mirwais Gheyasi first secretary of Embassay of Afghanistan in Sofia and right now he is performing his duty as a Temporary Ambasssador in Greece.
The plan was like that Mr. Mirwais Gheyasi and assistant of Ministry must go to the Metlene Island of Greece, assistant of Ministry didn't gone to the island but Mirwais Gheyasi did appoint Mr. Ehsan Labib as his replacement. Then Mr. Ehsan Labib did gone to Island and when I contact to Ehsan Labib then he said to me that 30 people was in boat, one of them was from Pakistan and 12 dead bodies had buried in greece, 10 dead bodies had given to their families, 4 dead bodies are still missing under sea.
Ehsan Labib was giving his statement to Foreign Ministry during his work and he was also in contact with Mirwais Gheyasi.
Question come out for all journalists that why these two appointed people didn't went to Island. If families of these dead bodies come then who will give them answer that why the dead bodies of their family had buried. And also Commissioner of Organization of United Nation didn't send any assitant in case of these refugees. Ehsan Labib did send all statements of this refugees to Organization of United Nation but this organization didn't show any sympathy. So Ehsan Labib took all responisibilty of buried of these dead bodies to himself and it is kindess of Ehsan Labib that he did done a job more from his duty.
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