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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Puppet Government

Puppet Government !
Do you know in which part of the country the government is puppet ?
People of Afghanistan know the answer of this question very well that this puppet government and parliament
established in Afghanistan by Globocop .
Now these members of puppet government and Parliament have become professional in corruption.
Because within these sixteen years they have stolen Banks, Social aid, Public Funds and etc.
Please have a look on the following statement which shows the list of the stolen public properties:
1. Warlord Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan and still living in the Kabul Palace.
2. Warlord Yunus Qanoni, former Vice-President.
3. Warlord Mohammad Marshal Fahim, was Vice-President of Afghanistan untill his death.
4. Warlord Abdullah Abdullah, Prime Minister.
5. Warlord Atta Mohammad Nur, Governer of Balkh Province in the north of the country.
6. Warlord Haji Almas, member of Parliament.
7. Warlord Haseen Fahim, brother of Late Vice-President Fahim.
8. Warlord Zalmai Mojadidi, member of Parliament.
9. Warlord Mullah Tarakhel, member of Parliament.
10. Warlord Ismail Khan, former Minister of Water and Energy.
11. Warlord Allah Gul Mujahid, member of Parliament.
12. Warlord Mullah Ezzat Atif, member of Parliament.
13. Warlord Mumtaz Aqa, nephew of Abdul Rasul Sayyaf.
14. Warlord Lattifullah, member of Parliament.
15. Warlord Zalmai Tofan, member of Parliament.
16. Warlord Haji Hifzullah, owner of Saleem Carawan Group.
17. Warlord Amanullah Guzar, member of Parliament.
18. Warlord Jawed Mujahid, Head Officer.
19. Najeb Kabuli, member of Parliament.
20. Warlord Jan Ahmad Haqjo, Consultant of Abdullah Abdullah.
21. Warlord General Ayob Salangi.
22. Warlord Abdul Basir Salangi, former Governer of Parwan Province.
23. Warlord Haji Musa Khan, Consultant of President Ashraf Ghani.
24. Warlord Haji Tahir, member of Parliament.
25. Warlord Abdul Halim, Consultant of President Ashraf Ghani.
26. Warlord Haji Aqa, Consultant of President Ashraf Ghani.
27. Warlord Haji Alam, member of Parliament.
28. Warlord Ishaq Rahgozar, member of Parliament.
29. Warlord Juma Khan Hamdard, Consultant of Ashraf Ghani.
30. Warlord Abdul Rasul Sayyaf influential member of parliament and has called for an amnesty for former mujahideen, candidate for the President of Afghanistan in the 2014 election.
31. Warlord Mullah Peram Qul, member of Parliament.
32. Warlord Kabir Marzban, member of Parliament.
33. Warlord Sayed Ikramuddin, member of Parliament.
34. Drug Traffiker Fawzia Koofi, member of Parliament.
35. Warlord Hamiszai Lali, member of Parliament.
36. Warlord Mullah Sher Mohammad.
37. Warl0rd Gul Haider, member of Parliament.
38. Warlord General Jurhat, consultant of Ashraf Ghani.
39. Warlord Haji Aqa Dalil, member of Parliament.
40. Warlord Fatehullah Qisari, member of Parliament.
41. Warlord Akhtar Ibrahim from Balkh Province.
42. Warlord Haji Payenda, member of Parliament.
43. Warlord General Majid Roozi from Balkh Province.
44. Shaker Kargar, consultant of Ashraf Ghani.
45. Warlord Ahmad Wali Massoud, brother of late Ahmad Shah Massoud.
46. Warlord Ahmad Zia Massoud, brother of late Ahmad Shah Massoud.
47. Warlord Fazlullah Mojadidi, Governer of Takhar in the northeast of the country.
48. Warlord Haji Nabi, brother of Karim Khalili.
49. Warlord Gada Mohammad Mujahid.
50. Warlord Mohammad Mohaqiq, first assistant of Prime Minister.
51. Warlord Karim Khalili, former Vice-President.
52. Warlord Hakim Noorzai, consultant of the Security Council.
53. Warlord Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, former Defence Minister.
54. Warlord Qais Husn, member of Parliament.
55. Abdul Satar Khawas, member of Parliament.
56. Iqbal Saffi, member of Parliament.
57. Warlord General Khwaja Nabi.
58. Warlord Sayed Dawod Hashemi, member of Parliament.
59. Warlord Nawab Mangal, member of Parliament.
60. Warlord Kalam Mujahid.
61. Warlord Chaman Mujahid.
62. Warlord Khalil Hotak Mujahid.
63. Hamidullah Tokhi, member of Parliament.
64. Samiullah Samim, member of Parliament.
65. Brothers of Warlord Sayed Dawood.
66. Brothers of Warlord Sayed Kheli.
67. Warlord Abdul Latif Ibrahimi, former Governer of Provinces Kunduz, Samangan, Faryab and Takhar.
68. Warlord Rauf Ibrahimi, Speaker for the Wolesi Jirga, the lower house of its bicameral National Assembly.
69. Warlord Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, Chairmen of Senate.
70. Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Governor of Herat Province.
71. Mohammad Ikram Khpulwak, consultant of Ashraf Ghani.
72. Warlord Jallahluddin Rabani, son of late Warlord Burhanuddin Rabani.
73. Amanullah Paiman, member of Parliament.
74. Warlord General Mostafa Anderabi.
75. Warlord General Baba Jan, former C.I.D.
76. Warlord Anwar Oriya Khel, member of Parliament.
77. Warlord General Qasimi, member of Parliament.
78. Warlord Haji Nazeer, member of Parliament.
79. Warlord Ahmad Shah, member of Parliament.
80. Warlord Haji Peerbakhsh, member of Parliament.
81. Warlord Haji Janat Gull.
82. Ahmad Wahid Tahiri.
83. Ali Ahmad Jalali, Afghanistan Ambassador to Germany.
84. General Hilaluddin Hilal, former Under Secretary of Defence Ministry.
85. General Muhammad Salim Ehsas, Provincial Police Commander Kabul.
86. Fazil Alkarem Aymaq, consultant of Ashraf Ghani.
87. Warlord Haji Amanullah Khairi.
88. Warlord Ameer Jan Dawlatzai.
89. Toryalai Wesa, former Governor of Kandahar Province.
90. Liyaqat Babakar Khel, member of Parliament.
91. Obidullah Barikzai, member of Parliament.
92. Warlord Teacher Mir Wali, member of Parliament.
93. Karim Barahoyi, former Minister with Hamid Karzai.
94. Omar Zakhilwal, Ambassador of Afghanistan in Pakistan.
95. Warlord Bashir Qanet.
96. Warlord Sediq Chakary, former Minister with Hamid Karzai.
97. Warlord Mullah Salam Rackety, consultant of Ashraf Ghani.
98. Warlord Meer Dadh Nejrabi, member of Parliament.
99. Warlord Haji Sadiq, conslant of Ashraf Ghani.
100. Warlord Asif from Balkh Province.
101. Warlord Hadi from Kunduz Province.
102. Warlord Haji Anwar Isaqzai.
103. Warlord Anwar Jakdalak, former Governer of Badghis.
104. Warlord Gul Padsha Mojadidi, member of Parliament.
105. Warlord General Qasim Jangal Bagh.
106. Warlord Fazluddin Ayar.
107. Warlord General Jamil Bakhsh.
108. Warlord Mosa Khan.
109. Warlord Haji Sami.
110. Warlord Gul Mohmen.
111. Warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum, Vice-President.
112. Warlord Haji Abdul Qadir, member of Parliament.
113. Warlord Kalakani, member of Parliament.
114. Warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, currently living in Afghanistan and waiting for a proper time to steal the other rest amounts of public properties.
To Be Continued ......
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