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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Problems of Afghan Refugees

Problems of Afghan Refugees
If millions of Afghan Refugees deported from Iran and Pakistan then it is not good for Organization of Human Rights. Because present government of Afghanistan is not ready to take the responsibility of millions of Afghan Refugees from Iran and Pakistan, even the government cannot give work and shelter to small groups of Afghan Refugees therefore previous meetings on this issue in Afghanistan and later in Suisse by participation of Antonio Guterres (United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees) this matter of Afghan Refugees was pointed out in these meetings and they come in result that government of Afghanistan is very weak. And also Ministry of Afghan Refugees didn’t done nothing benefit for Afghan Refugees within these last 11 years who returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan and Iran and therefore many Afghan Refugees who had been returned to Afghanistan again they become refugees in neighborhood countries and they added in the community of unemployed.
I have been written an article on the date of 7/7/2011 in the name of “War produce Immigration” and another article on the date of 11/4/2012 in the name of “United Nation, Government of Afghanistan and Return of Refugee” and publish it in Asia Front News and in these articles I did mention the problems of Afghan Refugees.
I should include this point that vacancy for interior people of Afghanistan is also a problem for government. Although the Ministry of Labor and Social Security prepared the employment plan for three years and this report was given by senior employee of this ministry in the name of Salem Sentor on the date of 5/6/2012. But Mr. Sheriek said that the most high class young employments are those immigrants who returned to Afghanistan from neighborhood countries. He said that approximately 800,000 people are still jobless in Afghanistan. But Saifuddin Saihoon professor of University of Kabul said: “more than four million people are unemployed and members of government and Organization of United Nation keep secret the numbers of unemployed people in Afghanistan or they show very low from the real number to hide and not to disclose the administrative corruption and economics problems of Afghanistan”.
But upon my information from the year of 2001 till now certainly many funds and helps have been given to Organization of United Nation in the name of Afghan Refugees and many of these funds gone to the authority of government of Afghanistan. But present of administrative corruption, Interior Mafia by cooperation of International Mafia bring this type of condition that life of million of Afghan refugees in Afghanistan and in neighborhood countries become worst day by day and the bad luck is only for Afghan Refugees.
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