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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Presidential Government in Afghanistan

Presidential Government in Afghanistan
The supporters of Federal government system become against of presidential system as an opposition and they said that they are selected by parliament election because present republic is preventing from growth of Afghanistan but they want the Federal system and Prime Minister. BBC has been published this following news on the date of 18 January 2012:
“Some political opposition from the government of Afghanistan in two days meeting of Berlin Germany gave the plans of establishing Federal government in Afghanistan. In this meeting Ahmad Ziya Masood chief of Party of National Union, General Abdul Rashid Dostum chief of Party of Jonbesh, Muhammad Mohaqeq chief of Party of Wahdat Islame of people, Amarullah Saleh former chief of Intelligence of Afghanistan and some members of US including Dana Rohrabacher, Cameret, Eso king, boreta sanjech participated.
A non-official institute from government of Afghanistan declared this meeting as illegal.
In my opinion this non official institute don’t know that this is the right of people of Afghanistan in the amendment of constitution, in changing system and held meeting whether in form of individually or collectively or through political parties and unions in the national and international community and people of Afghanistan has right to give opinions, write and published. If the government authorities and near government called this meeting illegal then by which domestic law government of Afghanistan invented and Hamid Karzai selected a as a president in Bonn’s conference in Germany on the year of 2001? And people of Afghanistan had didn’t role in the selection of president and government and nation of Afghanistan never appoint none as their assistant, and United Nation also didn’t ask from people of Afghanistan only some of them in the name of assistants of Nations, tribes and Jihad participated in this conference and confirmed Hamid Karzai as a head of government and support him, then in first Loya Jerga they had been appoint Hamid Karzai as a president but in Loya Jerga they didn’t give the plan of Federal government even in Bonn’s conference they only crab and discuss about dividing of governmental seats and in two presidential election in the name of (rate of minority nationalities) took promises from Hamid Karzai in return they promise for voting for him, in result Hamid Karzai become president of Afghanistan two times but his promises still not fulfilled.. After counterfeit Presidential Election of 2009 of Afghanistan this matter was disclosed by Muhammad Mohaqeq and General Abdul Rashid Dostum in international interview.
I think they don’t know that they said Machiavelli “to get a governmental seat and government they did used every way of fraud, fake promises and threat of torture”.
Invention of Federal government in Afghanistan is a great opinion but in this presence situation with hundreds and thousands of problems adjust is very difficult.
I have been take visit to the north side of Afghanistan and Balkh and I have been talked to people of Afghanistan face to face and as a journalist I can say that 90% people of Afghanistan are agricultural and government of Afghanistan never help them in agriculture process. Their economical life is very bad and in low level, land mafia around cities and building mafia are in the cities and they are powerful because all of them are in government of Afghanistan and they get the economic life of people in low level and get the workers of government and officers in administrative corruption. And they force to people of Afghanistan to do everything they want, people of Afghanistan said: “they took our fingers and marked on the papers and in their opinions they did deceive us but we knows better because within these 30 years of warrior of Afghanistan and our migration to foreign and neighborhood countries and now we all knows that new generation of Afghanistan all of them are educated and we are happy that foreign soldiers are present in Afghanistan otherwise these corrupted member of government again start fighting with each other. We want peace and we should make and build our life by our own power because government of Afghanistan never and didn’t care for us they are in the government of Afghanistan only for their benefits”.

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