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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Political Chess Boards of Afghanistan 2018

Political Chess Boards of Afghanistan 2018
I have interviewed an political analyst of Afghanistan Abdul Qader Sayed.
Please have a look on this Interview:
Question 1: Was the attack of US government on Afghanistan an act of Human Rights or against it?
Answer 1: Afghanistan captured by US Army and therefore on the year of 2001 Secretary General of United Nations Kofi Annan warned US that why they captured government of Afghanistan?
Why US strategy changed the governmental system of Afghanistan? Change of system was only the right of people of Afghanistan. If US government attacked on Afghanistan to take the revenge of his 3000 people who died on 11 September 2001 in World Trade Center New York then why US Army killed more than 50000 people of Afghanistan and this act of US is completely against Human Rights.
Question 2: Is US still the powerful country in economics and military?
Answer 2: Definitely not. Because on the year of 1996 with the combination of China, Russia, Tajikstan, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan and later Uzbekistan an Organization had been invented on the name of Shangai Organzation. And now this Organization have the same military power as US government. The use of Russian Weapon ''Padafin 400'' in the warrior of Syria against ISIS shows that they have the most powerful army.
At the beginning of 2001-2009-2011 an economical organization had been invented in the name of BRICS with the combination of Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa and now these countries in this group have the same bank as US and European countries and the bank is called Southern Developing Bank. US was the most powerful country of whole world in last 120 years but now he got the second place in economics.
Question 3: ISIS got defeated in Syria whether this defeat connect to ISIS or to US government?
Answer 3: From the year of 1978 until now US have invented Mujahedeen, Taliban, Al-Qahida, ISIS and many other Terrorists groups for his profit.
Question 4: You said about the Russian weapon ''Padafin 400'' in the warrior of Syria, is this weapon newly made by Russia?
Answer 4: The newly weapon made by Russia is now Padafin 600 but still this weapon has not been tested anywhere and still the opposite of this weapon is unknown for US government. On the year of 2017 US President Donald Trump has used a new Bomb on the east of Afghanistan which he called the Mother of all Bombs. On the contrary Russian President Vladimir Putin said: "We have the Father of all Bombs but we will not use it in Afghanistan''.
Question 5:. If ISIS succeeded in Syria then what could be the next plan of US government?
Answer 5: The next plan could be attack on Iran and afterward from north of Afghanistan attack on Tajikstan and Uzbekistan and then at last Russia.
Question 6: What is the next plan of US government in Afghanistan?
Answer 6: US got defeated and is disappointed in Afghanistan like Vietnam and now they have the plans to be political united with Russia and leave Afghanistan as soon as possible in order to save his value and status.
Question 7: How? which type of political unity?
Answer 7: US will leave Afghanistan and going to attack on the other countries except Asia.
Question 8: After Afghanistan US attacked on Iraq and Libya. Why Russia was quiet on that time and did not take any action?
Answer 8: On that time Russia was rebuilding his own economics until finally US got defeated in Syria.
Question 9: Hamid Karzai is still struggling in Afghanistan after 14 years of Presidentship, what he really wants?
Answer 9: Hamid Karzai wants money because within these fourteen years he got popular for embezzlement ,Bribe and Corruption.
Question 10: What is your opinion about the politics of current president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani?
Answer 10: Ashraf Ghani is only a US puppet but neither Warlord ''Mujahid'' nor Terrorist and also he do not have any political party, he is only a Economist.
Question 11: Approximately how much did US has spend in these sixteen years in Afghanistan?
Answer 11: US has spend within these first five years about five Billion Dollar for Afghanistan but get profit of more than ninety five Billion Dollar only from Helmand Province of Afghanistan (Drug Smuggling). Also they transfer a very large amount of Uranium with helicopters from Hills of Uranium in Helmand province.
Question 12: What is the strategy of European Union policy on the case of Afghanistan? Is the policy same like US government?
Answer 12: No, the European Union have different policy and it is quite beneficial for Afghanistan. They let many Afghan immigrants to live in the European countries.
Question 13: How you analyse the different political parties in Afghanistan including Warlord and Mujahedeen Parties?
Answer 13: These parties of Mujahedeen from 1978 was formed in Pakistan and Iran and came inside Afghanistan on the year of 1992. And on the year of 2001 these groups take over all the governmental seats of Afghanistan with the help of US government.
All these groups call themselves the Islamic group but in reality they are warlords, wage war and Terrorists. And if US leave Afghanistan then these groups will also run away.
Afghanistan is an Islamic country but majority people of Afghanistan do not like these groups and especially the Islamic group of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who ruined Kabul and killed many people of Kabul.
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is puppet of Pakistan and US. Political Party in the name of Jamiyat Party was also the puppet of Pakistan and US but now this party has contact with Russia, also another party ''Wahadat'' of Shitte Group is puppet of Iran and ruined Kabul and killed many people of Kabul as well.
Likewise party of Abdul Rasul Sayyaf called Islamic ''Itehad'' ruined Kabul and killed many people and is puppet of Saudi Arabia.
Another parties of warlord in the name of Mujahedeen from the years of 1992-1995 ruined Kabul and killed the people of Kabul and still they from 2001 until now they are embezzling and made the whole system a corrupted government.
The Interview ends.

I am so grateful for this interview Mr. Abdul Qader Sayed.
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