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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Peace, Economic and New Loya Jerga in Afghanistan

Peace, Economic and New Loya Jerga in Afghanistan
These three matters are in the front of people of Afghanistan and International Community
The people of Afghanistan within these 32 years have been seeing the dream of peace but still there is lack of peace in Afghanistan why who preventing peace in Afghanistan?
It is because of those who make the profit form warrior because in the war everyday many people killed and also in the warrior of Afghanistan many soldiers of US, NATO and soldiers of fifty countries killed day by day but still peace is not in Afghanistan. I can say surely that people of Afghanistan want peace and peace will come in Afghanistan only by those people who want war.
Within these 32 years warrior of Afghanistan members of government, commanders of war, who are opposed to peace all these in different method almost killed two million people of Afghanistan and majority I mean some million people of Afghanistan become refugee in foreign countries and many other countries. Every group and party have killed many innocent people and their hands are red with the bloods of many Afghan people and nor group can say that their hands are pure because every group killed innocent people of Afghanistan. Every group has a relation with International Countries, nor group elected by people, and every group come in government by the power of weapons and those who have chosen on the elected of them are question mark?
Now people of Afghanistan to save form warlord people wants help from soldiers of US, NATO and International community, this is the right of people of Afghanistan to ask the foreign help and to stop it and to continue it.
Matter of Economics:
Especially within these ten years billion dollar foreign helper contribution to people of Afghanistan but half of this foreign helper by the same foreigner agreement and his interior partner and some members of government of Afghanistan embezzled and reserve their account. Now Afghanistan doesn’t have economic foundation and basis. After the year of 2014 when foreign helper break or become less then on that time this country become in a dangerous economic crisis more than a war. Therefore International community, US, NATO and European countries in these three years (2011, 2012, and 2013) must make an Economic Foundation and Basis for Afghanistan because they couldn’t have done this.
Loya Jerga:
After the issue new Basic Law now in this present situation there is no need of Loya Jerga. Because Afghanistan is in the procedure and system of civilize, upon Unit 6 and matter 11 of Basic Law the Loya Jerga will be held in these following points:
1. When the matter belongs to Independence, National Sovereignty, frontier land and serious affair of country.
2. When the points of Basic Law be point out.
3. When president draw in court as a criminal upon matter of 69 of Basic Law of Afghanistan.
But now these three points do not exist in Afghanistan and so therefore now there is no need of Loya Jerga in Afghanistan. And those who want to held Loya Jerga then they has some personal profit for them and they want to make Afghanistan like the system of present Libya, Egypt and Syria.
If International countries will not take a decision and plan for Afghanistan then I am sure that Warrior will continue in Afghanistan permanently.

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