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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Part 3: Afghanistan become trample in the opposition

Part 3: Afghanistan become trample in the opposition
Another page from depressing and sad history of Afghanistan
Fifth Tableau: in the first and second part of this political article I copied from books. Politics of US and USSR (Russia) from the year of 1978 bring Afghanistan in Inconstant position. Now I am writing in this article that who made this interfering of foreign countries from inside Afghanistan.
George Arny American writer on the page of 91 and 92 of his book “Afghanistan in the way of those countries who attack to Afghanistan” wrote: “Moscow had knows that day by day system of Kabul lost popularity in Afghanistan and also formula of Marxism Revolution for the back warded countries like Afghanistan was not right and also personality style of Noor Muhammad Taraki and cruelty of Hafeezullah Ameen and only one way remain for them to be united with south neighborhood countries. Revolution of 1978-1979 of Iran was a danger light for Russia to prevent Afghanistan from bigoted people therefore Russia did help to Afghanistan (Kabul) so much. Russia sent many weapons, young communist of Afghanistan who were in high position in Afghanistan felt day by day that Russian advisors become their headmaster. On the month of December 1978 Noor Muhammad Taraki had signed an agreement of December 1978 as a assistant of Afghanistan with a high council of Moscow and then upon matter 51 of Organization of United Nation USSR (Russia) sent soldiers and army troops to Afghanistan because every time United Nation and government of every country use from this matter 51 for making peace and democracy. Kajebi had knows that Hafeezullah Ameen was fascism and on the month of July 1979 USA gave the responsibility of embassy of USA to Beros Emtotes and this news came to Kabul through Ambassador of Germany and on that time Russia wanted to replace Hafeezullah Ameen to solve the political problems of Afghanistan because Moscow get angry from the view and mind of Hafeezullah Ameen. An American politician in the name of Seleng Arsen made a meeting on the year of 1978 with Hafeezullah Ameen two times about Southern West Asia he said that Hafeezullah Amen was a fascism and he is not ready to be puppet. On the month of July 1978 (Beros Emestos) send this report to Washington. Hafeezullah Ameen wanted to separate himself from Russia and to be close to USA and he made a meeting many times with assistant of Ambassador in Kabul but US take avoid from Hafeezullah Ameen. On the end of year 1970 government of Russia saw his country in the danger by united of China with Washington, 18 months before attack of Russia to Kabul a meeting of Leaders of USA with leaders of China (Deng Seyapeng) took place and Russia get worried about this meeting. And on the January 1979 Russia thought by fall of King of Iran that US will get revenge and on the duration of kidnapping of members of Embassy of US in Iran and air operations of US to The Persian Gulf in the Southern West of Asia was not good and make the condition worst”.
Dastager Pansher one of high members of Party of Democratic People of Afghanistan in his book in the name of (appearance and decline of Party of Democratic people of Afghanistan) in the page of 121 wrote: “on the duration of attack of Russia to Afghanistan Noor Muhammad Taraki was killed so many months before and Hafeezullah Ameen was killed by Russian soldiers and troops. And even Babrak Karmal on that time doesn’t have competence and he came in Afghanistan only as a bead of Russia”.
Henry Bradshar American writer chief of agency of IP and Washington Magazine Sitar and specialist about Russia in the government of US in his book in the name of (Afghanistan and transgression) in the page of 168 he wrote: (from 14 high members of Russia 6 people means, Bergenef, Yori Andropov, Geromeko, Kasgen, Solosof, and Ustinov had role in interfering to Afghanistan and to send soldiers in Afghanistan. But Kasgen get sick in the day of decision and no one was in his chair. From inside Afghanistan Babrak Karmal was former ambassador of Afghanistan in Czech that some months before he gone back to Moscow and entered in Afghanistan as a leader of Afghanistan on that time when Russia attack to Afghanistan”.
In this political opinion as a afghan writer I believe that every country who send soldiers to Afghanistan also made a puppet leader from inside Afghanistan and use him like bead and If people want or don’t want they force to people of Afghanistan to accept this puppet leader and they become kings and president for many years. And always they put a reason for their attack like (We are here to help of people of this country and our aim is Independence, Democracy, Peace, Human Rights and we are against Warrior), and they always bring a team and appoint them in government and put all responsibility of country including politics, economics and military to that team and this team always make cruelty to people of his country like (Hamid Karzai and his team from year of 2001 till now 2011).
At last and in the end of these three political articles (Afghanistan become trample in the opposition) I must say that within these last ten years Afghanistan have didn’t progress and peace is not there only because of corrupted team of Hamid Karzai but proclamation of political statement of Barack Obama on the date of 2 May 2011 will change the predestination of Afghanistan and now there is no pretext for Hamid Karzai.
I am sure till the ends of 2014 the duration of 14 years president ship of Hamid Karzai will finish and ion that time changes in politics of Afghanistan and every country will come.

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