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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Part 2: Afghanistan become trample in the opposition

Part 2: Afghanistan become trample in the opposition
Another page from history of Afghanistan
Fourth Tableau
I have been written in my previous article that USSR (Russia) made political aggression to Afghanistan but they get regret and therefore they left Afghanistan.
Now I am writing the documents that show that USA wanted that Russia attack to Afghanistan. I have prove that on that time I mean before attack of Russia to Afghanistan USA made protocols to against group of that time of Afghanistan and USA gave them weapons. And this interfering of US in Afghanistan shows that USA intentionally wanted that Russia attack to Afghanistan, because mountains of Afghanistan in warrior is like Marsh of Vietnam.
When Jimmy Carter was president of US on that time Cyrus Wans was Foreign Minister and by Satellite and by his agents and spy he found that Russia had planned to attack to Afghanistan. Because upon rule of Defense Ministry Marshal D.F Ostenef gave 30 guide on December that upon three general staff (rocket missile, motorize, artillery) and 50,000 officers from Turkistan get ready near border of Afghanistan and on the date of 24 December announce that these three General Staff with their personnel in the frame of fourth Army on the date of 25 December 1979 after noon they entered in Afghanistan. USSR (Russia) before attack announces that upon matter (51) United Nation will do political help to Afghanistan.
And also Bergenef after attack to Afghanistan during his interview with Perwada said: (if we didn’t attack to Afghanistan they lost independence and our south border of Russia changed into military place of US)
Cyrus Wans through telephone said to foreign minister of France that (USSR will make aggression to Afghanistan) but why on that time USA don’t warned USSR? Why USA didn’t take the Peace Conference of United Nation? People get know that USSR is making aggression to Afghanistan. Maybe USA didn’t to make sympathy to Afghanistan because:
1. USA didn’t care for Afghanistan as a strategy. (Report of Ministry of Defense of USA year 1956).
2. Afghanistan was not in the covering of USA (Saying of Casinjer after last journey to Kabul).
3. Afghanistan was from that type of country and by saying of Faster Dales this type of country who are in the covering of US they are enemies of US and another.
So aim of USA was to put USSR (Russia) under the trap of Afghanistan. The profe of this matter are present in the memory of Robert Gates chief of CIA of US in the name of Back of Shadow and also are present in the book of Bergen ski advisor of Jimmy Carter in the name of Big Chess.
Bergen ski advisor of National Security of USA said in the answer of one question of reporter of French Magazine in the name of Abzarwator about help of USA to against group of that time of government of Afghanistan: “Yes, help of CIA to Mujahadeen on the year of 1980 have been started it means after 24 December 1979 that USSR (Russia) attack to Afghanistan but on the date of 3 July 1979 President Jimmy Carter has started their help to Mujaheden secretly, I (Bergen ski) on that time had send report to President Carter and that report was: (I believe that attack of USSR (Russia) is decision and wishes of US)”. Then reporter asked from Bergen ski: “by these dangers how you and government of US became ready to stimulate USSR (Russia) for warrior?” then Bergen ski answered this question, he said: “this is not true statement because we have never support and stimulate and persuade USSR (Russia) to attack to Afghanistan but we made a situation for them that they attack to Afghanistan” Then the reporter again asked: “when USSR (Russia) said that US send their soldiers to Afghanistan secretly but no one believe to them but now it is reality that US give weapons secretly and whether today you are not regret?” Bergen ski answer this question: “why we become regret and this secret operations were put USSR (Russia) in the trap of Afghanistan. You said we are regret no way why? When USSR (Russia) attack to Afghanistan then I had wrote to President Carter (Now it is time to arrest USSR (Russia) like Vietnam)”.
Magazine (Noal Abzarwator) of Paris number 1733 on the date of 21 January 1988 and publish it in this magazine: “Robert Gates former chief of CIA write in his memory in the heading of back of shades disclose it that before six months attack of USSR (Russia) to Afghanistan CIA started their help to against group of Afghanistan”. On that time Bergen ski advisor of National Security of US in interview with magazine of Abzarwator he disclose and he said: “this thing happen to stimulate the USSR to attack to Afghanistan” and then reporter of magazine of Abzarwator asked from Bergen ski that Robert Gates write in his memory that (CIA have started their help to against group Afghanistan six months before attack of USSR to Afghanistan and it cause that USSR (Russia) to attack to Afghanistan and this war made busy USSR (Russia) ten years in Afghanistan and their economic go down and their empire analysis whether you are not regret that you help Religious Bigoted? You put in consultation and help in the authority of future Terrorist? Bergen ski said in his answer: “From view of history which one has great importance, Taliban or falling and analysis the empire of USSR (Russia)? Some Religious Bigoted or independence of Eastern Europe or End of Cold War?
The same reporter asks from Bergen ski and repeats his answer in spite of it that everywhere it is said that Religious Bigoted is big dangerous for whole world. Bergen ski answer it: “this is rubbish talking it means west side must have some power against Religious Bigoted but all of these are Rubbish we must see Islam from brains not from emotions. Islam is biggest religion in this world and one billion are follower of Religion of Islam but there is not similarity between Saudi Arabian and Marrakech?”
Now as a writer of Afghanistan I am saying:
1. Perhaps also other document are present that US is responsible that USSR (Russia) attack to Afghanistan. But USSR (Russia) analysis and US become powerful in whole world and if now US become fail in present situation of Afghanistan whether their predestination become like USSR (Russia)?
2. In attack of USSR (Russia) to Afghanistan Jimmy Carter former president of US and Bergenef President of USSR had role. One is secretly and other is openly.
3. In the competitions of these two powerful clouds (USSR and US) Afghanistan become trample and therefore within these last 32 years warrior is still continuing in Afghanistan.
4. If 11 September 2001 is not a Serial Drama? And George W Bush former president of US said on the year of 2001: (Attack of US is for Terrorism of world and etc) but by their own saying Terrorist of world have been made by Robert Gates, Bergen ski, Jimmy Carter. So 3000 people died and 6000 people injured in the explosion of World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 whether these three people are not responsible of this explosion?
5. Bergen ski didn’t have knowledge of history otherwise he knows that world is totally changed because from 2001 till now it is January 2011. US and European countries who made Bigoted people and fight with them but unfortunately peace didn’t come in Afghanistan in spite of it that USSR (Russia) analysis and apparently US is friend of USSR (Russia). But bigoted people also show their power and still fighting against US and European countries.
6. Bergen ski write some examples from fight of some government but he don’t know that one million Muslim people without any type of dispute every year go to Saudi Arabia for (Hajj) and everyone of them wear white dress and do their offers and duty for religion of Islam.
7. History of Afghanistan have attack of Greek Eskander 330 century before Christ, attack of White Hoon in the end of fourth century and attack of Cheangez and Temoryan in the 13th and 14th century and attack of Arabian in the ninth and tenth century and attack of England in 18th century to 20th and attack of USSR (Russia) on the year of 1979 all of these are present in the history of Afghanistan. And certainly presences of American soldiers are present in the history of Afghanistan. Upon saying of Hamid Karzai in the month of January 2011 said: US wants to make permanent military place for foreign soldiers in Afghanistan.
8. In the history of Afghanistan many people born and made protocols with foreign countries to get kingship and president ship and they always lie and give lie promises and foreign countries also in the name of Human Rights but in reality for their benefit they attack and come to Afghanistan and later than the foreign countries understood that they made a mistake and example of that type of people are Amer Dost Muhammad Khan and Shah Shojah on 20th century, Babrak Karmal on the year of 1978 and then Hamid Karzai on the year of 2001.
9. I must say three most important things:
a) Or maybe Bigoted People made by CIA of US, maybe there is not Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden has not so much power. Continuing of warrior and presence of foreign soldiers in Afghanistan is only a strategically, political and economical plan?
b) Or maybe Bin Laden is present with these so much power and continuing of warrior (War against Terrorism) in reality is (War is against Islam) like (Warrior of Christians).
c) Or maybe USSR (Russia) analysis and whether by saying of Western countries Religious Bigoted come out and start their fighting against US and European countries?
10. I am an historical and political writer who always writes this true history in above and if US want to help to people of Afghanistan then I am sure that people of Afghanistan who seen warrior in these 32 years and thousands people died and hundred people become disable and abnormal. And still five million Afghan Refugees are in Iran and Pakistan and all of them want peace and all of them are against war and they have need and require for help and funds of every country and US.

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