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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
No one can stop tear after reading this true story of girl

I am Sayed Zaki Faqerzai, I do not need to introduce myself beacuse I am not new in this website but yes this time my article is different from my other articles and my this article is not a discussion beacasue it is a true sadful and tearful stroy and I am sure that after reading of my this article no one can stop his or her tears. This time I am not going to give article about system, politics nor government because this time I am going to write the true story of my daughter who is asking for her mother but no one help her and people become cruel with her.
The story begins from that time I left Afghanistan with my family because of safety of my daughters, Taliban did attack on my daughters and beausce of my daughters I did left Afghanistan and in too many problems and troubles now I came in Greece, my wife and my two daughters reached Germany but I am still with my daughter in Greece. Now the sadful part of this story is here that the money of my this sick daughter who is with me have been stolen. That money was send by my daughter from Germany for the treatment of my sick daughter who is mentally sick who cannot even talk, she is just like a baby, she never scream, never disturb anyone always crying but she needs treatment but this cruel people in our home did steal this money now my daughter is in bad condition she is always asking her mother and no one help her even the money of her medicine have been stolen now because of her i want to have justice from Human Rights and I want to ask help from United Nation, I don't want financial help from United Nation but I want that this Organziation send my daughter near her mother in Germany. And through this article i want to publish that greif and troubles of peoole of Afghanistan never finish and also i want to say that dont not trust to anyone in this world and this money has been stolen from the very near person and i did had trust on him and this money send by my daughter who is in germany who did take loan from Bank. Now I am asking from everyone through my this article that the person who did take this money of a sick girl can have a better life but I don't think so that this money will going to be faithful for the person who take this.
This story is to be continued..........
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