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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
National Coalition Change and Hope

Sayed Hussein Fazel Sangcharaki
Sayed Hussein Fazel Sangcharaki
National Coalition Change and Hope
This Union as a political opposition has been made in Afghanistan but till now it is not inaugurate.
The founder of this Coalition is Dr. Abdullah Abdullah that on the year of 2009 was candidate of Presidential Election of 2009 of Afghanistan and he is opposite of Hamid Karzai in Presidential Election of 2009 of Afghanistan.
National Coalition Change and Hope: Classic Western democracy with Islamic and Afghan national identity in the frame of elected Parliament elected with the Afghan people and systems through the Chancellery of Parliament majority.
As a Journalist and as a citizen of Afghanistan on the date of 16 May 2011 I had gone to the office of this National Coalition Change and Hope and Mr. Ahmad Jahesh a political worker of this office gave the articles of association and written constitution of this office then I asked a question that “why Dr. Abdullah Abdullah had give the resignation letter on second round of election in presidential election of 2009 of Afghanistan And now National Coalition Change and Hope can include in the presence government?” Then they have told me that the first question of yours is belonging to Dr. Abdullah Abdullah but about your second question the National Coalition Change and Hope is for the better life of people and situation of Afghanistan.
Then I have continued my interview with Sayed Hussein Fazel Sangcharaki speaker of National Coalition Change and Hope, he said: “previously Hamid Karzai started attracting of some members of high people those were weak in politics and by giving them temporary rates attract them in his favor like he attract Marshal Fahim, Burhanuddin Rabani and others. Because Burhanuddin Rabani is a religious leader he doesn’t have political opinion and Marshal Fahim is a person who is in the favor of Hamid Karzai.
In this question “whether National Coalition Change and Hope will accept Rabani, Fahim and Mustafa once again”? Then Mr. Sangcharaki answers it and said: “the door of National Coalition Change and Hope is open all time for the people and every political party but for this three gentlemen’s is open with some conditions.”
Mr. Sangcharaki also said: “till now 17 big and small political parties has been register in this Coalition Change and Hope and day by day the members of Coalition become increasing in every province of Afghanistan. In the parliament we have 120 members who are partner of Coalition. And these members are arranged in the group of 25 people. Hamid Karzai become president of Afghanistan four times but he said that he become president of Afghanistan only in two durations so it is belong to him and his politics. But I am sure that International Countries will not accept Hamid Karzai as a president in Afghanistan anymore after 2014.
National Coalition Change and Hope have good relationship with International Organizations. And they knows that Hamid Karzai still not fulfill his thousands promises so therefore Afghanistan are in the hundreds of foreign and interior problems and corruption in government”.
In the question that “Whether in the National Coalition Change and Hope the matters of language, side and zone has role?” then Mr. Sangcharaki said: “upon past bitter experiences now these matters don’t has role in the Coalition anymore and it is all negative things”.
In the paper of National Coalition Change and Hope program of political matter, economics, security, civil, system against corruption, amend the legal system, social matter, health of people, and matter of emigration and to return emigration, welfare of public utility, civic of matter, the women legal, education, culture, media are in the plan.
In the written constitution high council with (12) part, the leader council with (9) part, the council of executive with (12) part, the council of policy with (8) part and management with (10) part are in the plan.
Mr. Sangcharaki about the program and articles said that these plans are written in the articles and papers of Coalition but after one month it will be approve.
As a writer and journalist of Afghanistan and Afghan Refugee in Pakistan I publish this article and interview and the picture of Mr. Sangcharaki.

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