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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Movie ''Journey To Europe''

Maryam Sharifi with Aqdas Faqerzai
Maryam Sharifi with Aqdas Faqerzai
Art Movie in the name of ''Journey to Europe''
This Movie is from the production of Union of Afghan Refugees in Greece. This Movie has been released on the date of 12-05-2013. This Movie shows and express the real pain and sorrow of Afghan Refugees.
As a Afghan Journlist I am appreciating and encourge the work of all director and producer and all stars of this movie.
The following image is the picture of Maryam Sharifi who played as a Heroin in this movie, and she did took this image at the end of the releasing party of this film with an Afghan girl who live in Greece Athen as a refugee. The name of that girl is Aqdas Faqerzai who is unfortunately mentally sick from warrior of Afghanistan.
Maryam Sharifi did took this picture with this innocent Afghan girl as a memory.
I must say that continue of warrior, absence of Peace and Economics and destory of country is the main reason of being refugee.
I am giving best of luck to this movie and I hope this movie will going to touch the hearts of every Afghan Refugee.
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