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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Meeting of Democrats of Afghanistan with Democrats of Greece

Meeting of Democrats of Afghanistan with Democrats of Greece.
On the date of 19 January 2013 some representatives of progressive Parties of Afghanistan did made a meeting with democractic Left Parties of Greece. In this meeting Yorgous Palies member of Central Committee of Democractic Left Party of Greece which is made by unity of four progressive party did participate and from progreesive parties of Afghanistan Omar Faiz assistant of People Party of Afghanistan and also Abu Bakr in charge of outer boundary also did particpated in this meeting.
The target and point of this meeting was political, in the first Mr. Yorgous Palies did gave information about the unity of four parties and then he said that in the Parliament of Greece Parties are opposition but they are not partner with government. Later Mr.Omar Faiz did express the history of political Parties of Afghanistan and he said I hope that the democracy in Afghanistan from the year of 2001 will not going to be fail.
Maybe this meeting will be going to continue by some high members of them.
My opinion is that till 2014 whole political parties of Afghanistan must be united because Taliban and Terrorists are struggling to fail the Democracy. be continue
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