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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Introduction of the National Journalist Union of Afghanistan

Hafizullah Barekzai the first deputy of Union
Hafizullah Barekzai the first deputy of Union
Introduction of the National Journalist and correspondents of Afghanistan

Interview with Hafizullah Barekzai the first deputy of Union

Question: Mr. Haffizullah Barekzai please tells me about the past of National Journalists and gives me some information?
Answer: National Journalists and correspondents of Afghanistan had established before thirty years warrior of Afghanistan (1980). National Journalists and correspondents of Afghanistan in consideration of all journalism basis like (honesty, neutrality, equilibrium) criterions and ethics of journalism had remarkable activities in the past ten years.
For instance, composing of central high council on the year of 2003 that the journalists could act out democracy, they were in the people life problems like poverty, lack of money etc.
The union has conducted more than 30 days short and long term courses for the promotion of the journalist’s professional capable in the country of center and this process has been continuing yet. The Journalists National Union is a strong defensive source for journalist right within a decade in the country especially for the martyred owner in the field of journalism as Meerwais Jalil, Ajmal Naqshbandi, Zakia Zaki, Sanga Aanaj, Samad Rohani, Sultan Munadi and many more) and as well as the Union organized conferences and issued the declaration in the related fields.
The Union has also struggled the violence against the journalists for instance the union tried its best with the cooperation of scholar high council, Great assembly and supreme court release from jail Dr. Ahmad Ghaous Zelmai the brilliant journalists of the country.
Question: As you have been working as the first founder in the rehabilitation of the journalists National Union, why the union did not have a reputable center in the past ten years?
Answer: This question belongs to the government which claims democracy and sovereignty of Law in the country and has usurped the center of journalists therefore is very apprehensive of the journalist’s coordination in our society.
Question: In the past few years the journalists and correspondents Nation Union of Afghanistan was a strong Organization and replier for all the requirements of journalists why it is not now?
Answer: This question judgment belongs to journalists, current government administrations and cultural of people.
Question: You said that the government and International Community have not paid enough attention to return of center of journalists why?
Answer: This belongs to the interests and attention of the government and international community that why they have not paid attention for the democratic difficulties of the journalists.
As in my view point the only way which improved journalist, coordination centers of journalists, communications of journalists and promotion of journalist’s capacity is the whole attention of the governments but on the contrary it is not accommodation in Afghanistan.
Last question: Mr. Haffizullah Barekzai! Some months before a woman in the name of Nekzad as an assistant of Journalists Union of Afghanistan get a prize in New York. And I have been heard from the International News that assistant of White House was also participated in the ceremony and give good reports that Afghanistan also has a National journalist Union and has journalists who are known in International countries?
Answer: We have also heard this news but National Journalists Union of Afghanistan have didn’t introduce any women in New York and there is no woman in the name of Nekzad in the register. In spite of it that 820 women are journalists in every province of Afghanistan. But from Journalists Union of Afghanistan within these ten years neither woman introduced. If they introduced in this name of Union and it is belonging to some people that have done this personally that Union don’t know about this matter.

This was interview with Mr. Haffizullah Barekzai first deputy of Journalists Union of Afghanistan. And the picture is also shown Mr. Haffizullah Barekzai.
In the last as an Afghan writer and member of National Journalists Union of Afghanistan and I have old and new card of this Union and the number is 1039 and my member number of International Journalists Database Social and Networking Community is 698. and I have been always publishing my articles in Asia Front News to describe the situation of my country and now I am publishing this article to describe National Journalist Union of Afghanistan that every International Countries knows about this National Journalists Union of Afghanistan and I hope United Nation will get decision about National Journalist Union of Afghanistan very soon.

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