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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Interview of Zalmai Khalilzad

Interview of Zalmai Khalilzad
Zalmai Khalilzad is a former American diplomat and a counselor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), gave his interview about Afghanistan some days before on Voice of America (VOA-Dari-Ashna). In his statement, he mentioned many different things but whenever the interviewer wanted to know something from him, he hides and commits to giving a neutral statement. The interviewer wanted to know his opinion about the interfering of neighborhood countries like Iran and Pakistan that could be the real reason of warrior and present situation of Afghanistan is due to these neighborhood countries but in spite of giving a powerful and true answer, he replied very unsurely, ‘’it could be the reason but it is not sure’’. Every child of Afghanistan knows the truth but Zalmai Khalilzad wanted to give his opinion on the favor of Iran and neighborhood countries of Afghanistan.
As an Afghan Citizen and journalist, I have some questions from Zalmai Khalilzad personally: Are you born in Afghanistan or somewhere else? if you are real Afghan then why you betray on your own country? For your kind Information If you forgot that from where you came then let me remind you that you were at the fifth standard of Bakhtar High School in Mazar-e-Sharif Afghanistan and we were classmates and you were also very talented in your studies. Our history teacher Mr. Qader Khan taught us about the history of freedom of our country from the British government and you were the only person who repeated these histories each and every time. Certainly, let me ask you something, do we have peace and freedom in our country? what do you think?
Let me remind you that one night before many years some group of bandits attacked on your house and killed your uncle and I remember that day that you cried a lot because of the loss of your uncle Mirza Jalil and today every individual Afghan person cries because on the year of 2001 you gave the bags of full of dollars to warlord people like Hamid Karzai, Muhammad Mohaqeq, Yonis Qanoni, Marshal Fahim, Ata Muhammad, Dustum, Abdullah Abdullah and many more and you gave them the opportunity to ruin the country. And now whole people of Afghanistan are crying because of the present corrupted government of Afghanistan, people lost their lives, their loved ones, their properties and YOU Mr. Zalimai Khalilzad have a peaceful life.

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