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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Hiding the history of Afghanistan

Hiding the history of Afghanistan
Government of Afghanistan as a name of National Unity wanted to change history of last thirty years warrior of Afghanistan
BBC has been published news on the date of 7 February 2012: “Education Ministry is deciding to remove the history of last thirty years of Afghanistan from the school books of schools in Afghanistan. Because to determine the National Unity. But truth is that some previous Jihadi leaders were responsible of these last thirty years warrior of Afghanistan and that duration was bloody duration of Afghanistan. Because they are still in government of Afghanistan and they don’t want that student of school get know about them”.
Certainly government did eliminate some parts of history. But thousands and hundreds of people who had seen this duration from their eyes and still many of them are alive so what did government do with them?
Thousands and hundreds of books which was published about these last thirty years warrior of Afghanistan so can government collect all these books and whether they can force hundreds of people not to read the history of Afghanistan like students of schools?
Can government hide the plunder of National archive , National Library, National Museum of Kabul, Destruction of historical statue and antiquity, murder and killing of a many innocent people which was saw by own people of Afghanistan and can government hide all these things from own people of Afghanistan?
On the date of 11 February 2012 BBC have been published the protests of people of Bamiyan with their pictures that they requests from Human Rights to take all criminals of responsible of warrior of 1992 and 1993 (Afshar in city of Kabul) to International Courts as a criminal.
All knows that responsible of warrior of 1992 and 1993 of Kabul (Afshar) was Party of Etehad Islamic Sayaf and Party of Wahdat Abdul Ali Mazary and on that time thousands innocent people gave their life in this warrior. And certainly leaders of these two parties have role in the legislative, executive and justice of Afghanistan but no one ask from them?
On the date of 9 February 2012 BBC have been published the opinion of Britain Philosopher Simon Kerechly and explain the presence situation of Afghanistan in three key concepts and that is following as:
1. In presence of 150,000 foreign soldiers and 200,000 Afghan soldiers and police there is no security in Afghanistan.
2. Law is only by name and there is no legitimacy because lawmakers and those who are in government are breaking the laws.
3. Fear is present between people of Afghanistan; they are afraid that what is going to happen after leaving of foreign soldiers? Hamid Karzai is afraid of his predestination on the year of 2014? Criminal Leaders are afraid of people of Afghanistan because if peace comes in Afghanistan then surely people of Afghanistan will draw them as criminals in Courts? Warlords are afraid of disclosing their crimes? Neighborhood countries including India, China are scare that insecurity of Afghanistan will affect on their countries? Foreign soldiers are scare that every day their young soldiers leave their life and they are in hurry and they are searching for a pretext to take out their soldiers from Afghanistan before the year of 2014? Even US are scare that after the year of 2014 what will be the situation of Afghanistan and Islamic System of Iran is making angrier US day by day?
These were the opinion of Simon Kerechly in the website of BBC.
We are one million and seven hundred thousand Afghan refugees in Pakistan are scaring that the refugee cards of people are going to expire on the December 2012 whether United Nation and Pakistan is going to update refugee cards of Afghan people in Pakistan or no?

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