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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Hamid Karzai grievance to his friends

Hamid Karzai grievance to his friends
On the date of 5 July 2012 Hamid Karzai said in meeting of Peace Jerga with some youngsters, he said:
“Western spiritual has started the war against Afghanistan, western countries are saying that after the year of 2014 Afghanistan become helpless and get in many problems and western countries saying this thing for the cause which we don’t let them to go from Afghanistan. If Pakistan gets force then he will interfere to our affairs (Afghanistan) and if we get power then we interfere to Pakistan, if Iran get force then he will interfere to Afghanistan and if we get force then we interfere to Iran affairs. USA has powerful country so he intervene in my country if we get also have power then we also intervene to USA and maybe we go to Washington and make a puppet government for them and we select a president for them”. Hamid Karzai also said: “Jihadi groups and group of Taliban in the war between each other made a situation for foreign countries to attack in Afghanistan. Party of Islamic Jameyat, Party of Islamic National Jonbesh, Party of Khalqi and Parchame, members of Party of Democratic People of Afghanistan and Taliban fight and made war between each other and the result comes that the western countries attacked to Afghanistan, these high members who called themselves patriotism they bring foreign countries”.
In the last of meeting the youngsters of Peace Jerga decide that foreign countries can stay in Afghanistan for ten years more.
Hamid Karzai had disclosed the 12 political parties of Afghanistan and put all responsibility on them. But he didn’t discuss about himself because he is the leader of government and system, he didn’t complain about eastern countries maybe some kind of door going to be open for him. The main thing that Hamid Karzai said that if he has power then he use his power but he is right because now he don’t has power of some political party and he is not dictator like some other leaders. The tribal leaders are only for their benefit and they will not stay with Hamid Karzai at last. In the game of politics there is no friend, no student and even no teacher and nor relation remain, this point is present in the history of Afghanistan. The Nation of Afghanistan made up of 49 languages and Hamid Karzai feel and understand the pain and problems of all people of Afghanistan (80 percent people who living in villages) but unfortunately Mr. Karzai didn’t do noting for them. Hamid Karzai couldn’t made the economical foundation and basis, administrative corruption gone on high top, cultivation and smuggling of Opium and Heroin is increasing day by day under the system of Hamid Karzai and law and democracy is only by name. Hundreds of others causes come that people become unbelievable on Hamid Karzai the people can’t believe on Hamid Karzai anymore and also many parties become against of Hamid Karzai. Hamid Karzai is feeling alone and therefore nowadays he mentions his pain to youngsters of Afghanistan. And also in then Conference of Tokyo many countries promises of ten years help and fund to Afghanistan (yearly 54 billion dollars is point out for Afghanistan but they give 16 billion dollars). Definitely in this conference discussion was about administrative corruption but the main point is point out that western countries stared war against Afghanistan. In my view this western war is not against people of Afghanistan but it is against of corrupted people who did steal the funds of Afghanistan and who did bring corruption in Afghanistan.

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