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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Disrespect to the Quran Kareem in Baghram of Afghanistan

Disrespect to the Quran Kareem in Baghram of Afghanistan
Protest of people lies in three following series:

1. Islamic Affairs
2. Political Affairs
3. Economic Affairs

1. Islamic Affairs: People of Afghanistan show reactions in two matters one is disrespect of Islam and other is independence of their country and hundreds of these issues are present in the history of Afghanistan.
2. Political Affairs: In this type of protest other political powers are included and also Taliban is big power.
3. Economic Affairs: Economic is very important in every country and economic is the base of every government. On the year of 2001 US attack on Afghanistan in the name of promises of bring peace, termination of war, restoration of Human Rights, invent of Democracy, good government, grow of economics and improving people’s life. Majority people didn’t show reactions because in warrior they had lost their economic and they were hungry. Certainly after 12 years all people see that their promises were fake because in the result of corrupted government bribe, counterfeit and administrative corruption invented. Rich people become richer and poor people become poorer but money and funds are all spent in wrong ways and therefore people remain poor and hungry.
Victor hugo said in his famous saying: (hungry residents will come out from the grave of history) and this time hungry people gone to the side of protestor. Maybe this protest is going to be stop because of weapons. But if economic plan won’t take for people in a right way and if administrative corruption won’t stop and if United Nation and US in spite of it that they are main operators in social life of people of Afghanistan if they don’t care for people then I am sure that this type of protest will going to start in different ways because history is witness that French Revolution launched by hungry residents.
In Afghanistan I have seen on the year of 1970 that hundreds hungry and poor people like flood attack on the city of Herat and plunder it, even they eat flour and foods raw. As a political opinion on that incidents provocations of former Soviet Union and China were also present. Now government of Hamid Karzai is like government of Muhammad Zaher Shah and Hamid Karzai don’t know about hunger of people like Muhammad Zaher Shah didn’t know about people of Afghanistan.

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