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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Confession of Hamid Karzai in Parliament of Afghanistan

This Kid looks as he has concerns about his future
This Kid looks as he has concerns about his future
Confession of Hamid Karzai in Parliament of Afghanistan
On the date of 21 June 2012, Thursday Hamid Karzai confessed:
“Members of present government and system of Afghanistan were provided for advised and in result administrative corruption become increases in high top”. Hamid Karzai also asks to cooperate from Legislative Power, Justice Power and Executive Power to finish the system which was provided by advised to give employment to specialists and professionals.
The question came out that whether by confession of Hamid Karzai administrative corruption going to be end?
In my view if Hamid Karzai fulfills his promises and takes a serious law action against high corrupted people maybe that time some thing good happens. But Hamid Karzai doesn’t have ability to act decisively because this present system of Afghanistan made from the relation of Internal Mafia and International Mafia and they surround the system like wrap spiders.
But reason of meeting and urgent statement of Hamid Karzai in Parliament is: According to the International Committee for Peace and Foreign Policy on the year of 2012 present government of Afghanistan obtain the sixth position in the inefficient state in whole world.
This International Committee for Peace and Foreign Policy describe the good government in three following points and economic help to Afghanistan is according to these following points:
1. Good Governance.
2. Action against corruption.
3. Strengthening the rule of law
Now Hamid Karzai is under International Pressure, because approximately 90% annual budget of government of Afghanistan help from outside. Maybe now Hamid Karzai wanted to bring some changes within these two years in this system of Afghanistan.
I as a Afghan Journalists and writer (who is living as an Afghan Refugee in Pakistan) some weeks before I have been take a visit to Afghanistan to collects some documents for my other books and topics in news and especially immigration book about the matter of 5 million of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan and Iran. For this matter I did contact to Ministry of Labor and Social Security and Department of Martyrs and Disabled, I have been seen hundreds of children, women, old men and disabled people in the entrance hall of Deputy Ministers in the situation of waiting and all of them was waiting for demands of sustenance and shelter with their document papers in their hands, I did talk with many of them and majority of them said that (No one care about them). Therefore I didn’t take interview of any Ministers of that Ministry.
I have been make contact to Ministry of Returning Refugees and by the help of my Journalist card I did took interview from Omar Mahrofi Head of Housing of that Ministry, he is a good spokesman and he speaks Dari, Pashto and English languages, he said that for the solving of problems of Refugees every month he takes a visit to foreign countries and about the matter of 1,740,000 Registered Afghan Refugees in Pakistan and 10,000,00 Unregistered Afghan Refugees in the camps of Peshawar in Pakistan and 9,55,000 Registered Afghan Refugees in Iran and also for housing of retuning refugees he did give verbal information to me but he didn’t provide any documents. When I ask from him about the leader of Afghan refugees in Islamabad that why they never meet with refugees as a head refugees and even he didn’t know many of refugees, Omar Mahrofi did answer me: “Appointments in offices are based on relationship”. He didn’t give more information, in the last he said to me that if I need any written documents then go to contact to Publication Departments. I had gone to the office of Islamuddin Jorhat chief of Publication Department and he is writer, and knows the need of a writer therefore he give me many written documents which is very useful for me.
In the last I must say that 50 percent saying of Omar Mahrofi (Head of Housing of Ministry of Returning Refugees) and Islamuddin Jorhat (chief of Publication Department) was propaganda then the remaining 50 percent of their work is for benefit of Refugees. And it is very interesting that in this situation that Eight percent of officers based on relationships their work is for benefit of Refugees
In the page of 5 in the magazine of that Ministry of Returning Refugees Dr. Jamaheer Minister of that Ministry wrote in the magazine: “Ordinary activities cannot be work for our nations but economic fund and basis are useful for our nations”.
This small sentence expressed the social and political philosophy and expressed that this man always thinking about economic foundation of Afghanistan and people of Afghanistan.
In the one page of calendar of this Magazine of this Ministry they publish the picture of a poor boy with his home equipments and in the picture they wrote in Dari, Pashto and English “This kids looks as he has concerns about his future”. And now I also attach that picture of boy in this article.
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