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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Brutality in Afghanistan

Brutality in Afghanistan by Terrorists.
Although the center of Terrorism is in Pakistan but the sacrifices of people of Afghanistan are increasing day by day. Even Globocop could not defeat the Terrorism in Afghanistan within these last 15 years.
First time Terrorism took a name 'Taliban' in Afghanistan but now they have different names such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS in every part of world like Iraq, Syria, Libya and many more. The most explosion of Terrorism are taking place in Afghanistan maybe they thought that the doors of Paradies are inside Afghanistan.
Globocop have got attached with army of Pakistan after the fall of Kingdom of Iran. Globocop knows better that Pakistan wants more benefit from them in spite of it they do not want to lose Pakistan. Globocop never blame Pakistan for being a center of Terrorism and therefore Terrorism in Pakistan became more powerful.
In these last terms Globocop forced government of Afghanistan to make a partnership between the Intelligence of Afghanistan and Intelligence of Pakistan. Globocop has also a fear that maybe in future China, Russia and India would be most powerful countries of the world. That is the reason that Globocop are supporting Pakistan and supplied them in these last years weapons in the name of dangerous from India.
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