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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Brussels Conference

On the year of 2015 Solidarity party of Afghanistan (Hezb Hambastagi Afghanistan) through many International News published the list of Embezzlement users of government of Afghanistan and these are following as:
18 November 2009 Washington Post
14 February 2011 New York Daily News
16 June 2011 The Daily Cardinal
3 September 2011 The Wall Street Journal
2 December 2010 The Daily Cardinal
3 August 2012 Tolo News
25 October 2010 New York Times

1. Ahmad Zia Massoud brother of Ahmad Shah Massoud
52 Million Dollar

2. Gen. Ahmad Zia Yaftali
153 Million Dollar

3. Mehrab former partner of Abdullah Abdullah
1 Million Dollar

4. Yunus Qanuni former Speaker of the House of the People (the lower house of parliament or Wolesi Jirga)
25 Million Dollar

5. Khalilullah Ferozi for election of Hamid Karzai
4 Million Dollar and 66,9 Million Dollar

6. Omar Zakhilwal Advisor to the Hamid Karzai and former Finance Minister of Afghanistan
2 Lakh Dollar

7. Mohammad Omar Daudzai former Minister of Interior
8 Lakh Dollar

8. Sherkhan Farnood former Chairmen of Kabul Bank
504 Million Dollar

9. Haseen Fahim brother of Marshal Fahim from Kabul Bank
78 Million Dollar

10. Gulbahar Habibi from Kabul Bank
39,7 Million Dollar

11. Abdul Ghafar Dawi husband of Shukria Barakzai
37 Million Dollar

12. Mahmod Karzai brother of Hamid Karzai
22 Million Dollar and also usurped 20 thousand acres Land from Defense Minister of Kandahar

13. Hewad Wal
15 Million Dollar

14. Sofi Nisar
14 Million Dollar

15. Tahir Zahir
11 Million

16. Daud Naseer
9 Million Dollar

17. Omar Zakhilwal from Company of Lannd
2 Million Dollar

18. Ibrahim Adel Minister of Mines from Copper aggrement
30 Million Dollar

19. Enayatullah Qasemi
60 Million Dollar from Ariana Airline

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