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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
Afghanistan is in the paws of Warlord people

Afghanistan is in the paws of Warlord People
From 2001 until now Unites States of America and United Nation gave many promises for People of Afghanistan to make Democracy, Women's Liberation and to make Peace in Afghanistan, but unfortunately they could not did it. According to Bonn's Conference on the year of 2001 US and UN did not disarms the warlord leaders of Afghanistan and what they only did was giving these warlord leaders the government of Afghanistan.
Thousands and millions of funds came to this government of Afghanistan but almost whole amount of Money have been losted and wasted. People of Afghanistan do not trust on government because war is still the main subject in Afghanistan, terrorisms increases day by day, cultivation and Smuggling of Drugs goes on average Point. Not only smuggling of Drugs but also smuggling of Ancient and traditional goods and history books (which were written by pen and hand) and also Smuggling of precious Stones and mines for example Lapis Lazuli which is located in northeast Afghanistan. Still Afghan immigrants are in every part of World.
I as an Afghan Journalist appealing from US and UN to think again about These warlord leaders of Afghanistan, they are not trustworthy. We want Peace in Afghanistan and also over the wohle world.
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