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Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
By Sayed Zaki Faqerzai
‏- The mechanism of the political solution of the Afghan war

‏- The mechanism of the political solution of the Afghan war -

‏In this historically important moment, in which a glimmer of
‏peace is in the range of sight, the UN should organize an international conference for the political solution of the Afghan war. The mechanism of the political solution of the Afghan war One week before the beginning of this conference, there ought to be an unconditional ceasefire between the international coalition under the leadership of the Americans and the taliban. All participants in war should take part in this conference This conference will eliminate the worries of the Afghan people, which arose in the negotiations between Mr. Khalilzad and the taliban groups in Qatar. The claims and the mechanism of this conference:
‏1. In this conference, the following groups should take part: the representatives of foreign military forces the representatives of the taliban the representatives of the current Afghan government. Furthermore, neutral (independent) political cadres and famous personalities should take part irrespective of their domicile. The representatives of the civil society and the women
‏2. This conference should not be influences by any country, neither politcally, economically or
‏3. The withdrawal of the foreign military forces should be when no kind of instability and
‏4. One year before the withdrawal of the foreign military forces. All legal weapons should be
‏5. This conference shall create an administration of a term of two years, which will complete military insecurity exist collected and given to the ministry of the interior and the minitry of defence the tasks until the Joya jarga" (national assmbly) has been convened and new elections have neen conducted
‏ 6. This conference should excert pressure on the wolrd community in order to be granted
‏7. The UN Security Counsel should ensure that no country can interfere in the interior Aghan
‏8. The new Afghan government should preserve its traditional neutrality not only vis a vis the unconditional economic help or loan. At the end of each year, the administrition should present the donor nations a report regarding the expenses of this money affairs, and the UN Security Counsel should assure the Afgan goverment about this. neighbor countries but also vis a vis all countries based on mutual respect.


‏Engineer Sayed Abdul Qader
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