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Aroun Bharadwaaj
By Aroun Bharadwaaj
Anuj Garg's New track "Kacha Papad

The song kachha papad is a bhangra mix where lyricist paanchi jalonvi who has written songs for Ra-One and popular track das bahanay from movie Dus has given the lyrics while Naveen kumar has played the background instruments. Panjabi Singer Labh Janjhu has given his energetic voice to the track.
Anuj Garg has given music for 3 track songs in his forthcoming movie "music meri jaan"
Anuj Garg has given music for 3 track songs in his forthcoming movie "music meri jaan"

Labh Janjhu who is well known for his super hits songs lke ‘soni day nakharay’ and ‘jee karda’ has given a yet another with kacha papad. Anuj Garg himself in kacha papad can be heard with its voice as background.

As told by Garg, the tune of kacha papad was composed two and a half years back in Dehradun and was finally shaped up in a track when he first met the director of the movie, Amit vats who is on his directorial debut from BTBH.

The comic song has been beautifuly picturized in desi format between Manurishi chaddha & Divya dutta.

Anuj Garg who has started his carrier with Sahib Biwi Gangster and get famous with his item song ‘Love to love you’ sung by Rekha Bharadwaj praises director Tigmanshu Dhuliya for the break.

Coming back to his upcoming projects, anuj says he is expecting a great hope with Tanuja Shankar ‘s movie Music meri jaan which is under final stage and will be released soon. He has composed 3 melodious tracks in that. Apart from that he also composed 4 tracks in under production movie ‘Jub tum kaho’ sung by mohit chauhan.
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