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syed kamal hussain shah
By syed kamal hussain shah
Special Olympics Pakistan

Five students were selected from all across Pakistan for World Games Austria 2017. Among them are Osama Aziz and Musaddiq Gulzar from Kingston School! They departed recently to a fifteen day training camp in Nultar Gilgit. This will be their final preparation before the big show!

According to sources, Special Olympics Pakistan is providing training to mentally challenged students since the past one year. Among the games they are being trained for are skiing and snow shoeing. Today five students, among which two of them are from Kingston School, along with their coach Muhammad Saleem, Amina baig have departed for training.

During this training, the special need athlete will be taught to run on snow and keep their balance while skiing. This is an extremely tough task, however, the children are full of enthusiasm to win medals for Pakistan hence are ready to face any hurdle that crosses their path!

The principal of Kingston School, Sir Muhammad Irfan said, “The students will go to Austria in March 2017 and I am certain that they will show remarkable skills and bring a gold medal for Pakistan.” Kingston School has worked very hard to bring these students to this point so that everyone can see their abilities and not their disabilities.
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