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syed kamal hussain shah
By syed kamal hussain shah
More woman in media

More woman in media

Two day workshop in abbottabad local hotel from uksresearcch for journalist of hazara division, its large number of journalists attend. Madam Afia salaman principal trainer.
Its work shop about gender issue, special about woman in media and common life, its start with welcome and introduction, tell me about NGO
Uks is a research, resource and publication centre dedicated to the cause of gender equality and women's development. We are an advocacy and rights-based group seeking to raise awareness and assist implementation of our goals and ideals. The Centre focuses on the women-media relationship; a concern that has hitherto remained poorly represented by organizations working on women's rights.
Its two day workshop. First day its four session, in which discuses about why gender training for media is important , understanding gender .what role of gender in media . to cover new we need latter of law but its batter if we use sprit of law
In this workshop deeply look gender equality and equity and specially looking at the Pakistan scenario, constitional safeguards, its talk about mainstreaming gender in media and ,sensitising media owners, publishing directors, director generals of radio and television, chiefs editors, program directors ,producers and animators on genders issues and genders –balanced reporting,
Its focus on more women in media, and how we give them genders balance in news and newsrooms. Equal opportunities ,affirmative actions, special about glass ceiling, we need broke it and come up,
In 2nd day start workshop with creating awareness and understanding of gender-fair, gender-balanced media, is media monitoring and content and analysis as a tool, in work share with us
• global media monitoring project reports-2010and national
• sharing the training manual for grander and media monitoring
• sharing tools experiences in policy and media monitoring
its good to learn about woman issue and its deeply talk about district news reporter and their problem in salary issue ,
over hall work shop was good and it gave new path about woman and bring change in mind, need to understand woman and bring her in life on right way and in news paper and media need use respectfully word and place.
to make news for paper or tv coverage we need to understand later of law, but we need use spirit of law that good and safe way .
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