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syed kamal hussain shah
By syed kamal hussain shah
Galliyat Development Authority (GDA)

Galliyat Development Authority (GDA) has launched beautification campaign in nathiagali and adjoining areas to preserve the natural beauty and keep the environment clean so that the generations to come may have the chance to see these amazingly beautiful areas of Pakistan.

During the first phase of campaign GDA arranged a painting competition under the title "Bin Picasso Competition". Competition held on April 29th, 2016 and students from various universities of KP participated in the competions. Students painted dustbins and delivered messages to keep the environment clean through their paintings.
Nathia gali is a beautiful hill station in District Abbottabad of KP and attracts tourists from all over Pakistan throughout the year. When millions of people are visiting the place, crowds pose threats to the environment. GDA is working to reduce these threats and preserve the natural environment.
Dust bins painted with colors, cartoon characters and different drawings will be placed at various spots in nathiagali so that the public can use them to throug trash keeping the environment clean.
Director Administration GDA, Raza Ali Habib and Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad Ms. Ammara Amer Khattak appreciated the efforts of the students and distributed the prizes among the winners of the Bin Piccaso Competition.
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