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binod khadka
By binod khadka
Rajballav Koirala signed the Hollywood movie

Nepali Movie star Rajballav Koirala signed the Hollywood movie which is the hot news in the nepali movie market.
‘Highway to Dhampush’ a Hollywood movie signed by the Nepali star. He was selected in the movie which will be made under American banner Fifty Films.
Shooting of the movie will be done in Nepal and USA in addition to Mr. Koirala other Nepali movie Technician will also be the part of Movie which might be the stepping stone for the entire Nepali Cinema Industry.

Shooting of film will be start from 25 January 2011in Nepal and the climax will be shoot in April in USA.
Fans of Mr. Koirala believe that he will be succeed in his abroad movie and will open the door for other people to enter through in future.
Highway to Dhampush will be directed by Rick Mcfarland and produced by John D’ Blas Williams. The couple had already made movie like ‘My Girlfriends Boyfriend’ and ‘Stalking Santana’ similarly they have made popular documentary ‘ Truth and Conviction’ as well.
Fifty films is also well known in advertisement production, they have already made advertisement for Microsoft, Toyota and other various international products.
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